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Medical Device Development with MDDT Qualification

FDA Guidance: Streamlining Medical Device Development with MDDT Qualification


On July 17, 2023, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a comprehensive document outlining the Qualification of Medical Device Development Tools (MDDTs) Guidance for Industry, Tool Developers, and FDA Staff. This guidance introduces a voluntary program designed to facilitate the development and evaluation of medical devices subject to regulation by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). By streamlining the process of collecting essential information for regulatory submissions and decision-making, this policy aims to foster efficiency and predictability in the medical device industry.

Understanding MDDTs:

Medical Device Development Tools (MDDTs) are essential components used in evaluating the safety, efficacy, and performance of medical devices. The FDA recognizes the significance of these tools in expediting the development and evaluation of innovative medical technologies. Hence, the Qualification of MDDTs program encourages voluntary proposals from submitters, which may include individuals, groups, consortia, or organizations, including the federal government.

Defining the Framework:

The guidance sets out a comprehensive framework for the qualification of MDDTs, encompassing crucial aspects such as definitions of relevant terms, evaluation criteria for MDDTs in specific contexts of use, considerations for qualification, and the contents of a qualification package.

Voluntary Proposal Process:

The FDA's voluntary qualification program allows submitters to take responsibility for initiating the MDDT qualification process. By adhering to the outlined procedures, submitters can contribute to streamlining the overall medical device development and evaluation process. The program aims to encourage a collaborative effort between the FDA and the industry to ensure efficient and timely submissions.

Qualification Criteria:

To qualify an MDDT, certain criteria must be met. The guidance elaborates on the essential elements required for the successful qualification of an MDDT in a specific context of use. By providing transparent and predictable criteria, the FDA aims to foster clarity and consistency in the qualification process.

Contents of a Qualification Package:

The guidance document outlines the necessary components of a qualification package that submitters should provide. The package should include detailed information about the MDDT, its intended use, and its impact on medical device development and evaluation. By ensuring that all relevant information is included in the package, the FDA can make well-informed decisions about the qualification.

Non-Binding Recommendations:

It is important to note that the FDA's guidance documents, including this specific guidance, do not create legally enforceable obligations. Instead, they offer the Agency's current perspective on the topic and should be regarded as recommendations unless specific regulatory or statutory requirements dictate otherwise.

The FDA's Qualification of Medical Device Development Tools Guidance marks a significant step forward in the advancement of medical device development and evaluation processes. By encouraging a voluntary program for MDDT qualification, the FDA seeks to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and predictability in the medical device industry. This forward-thinking approach promises to benefit both manufacturers and consumers alike, as innovative and safe medical technologies can reach patients more quickly and effectively. As the industry embraces this new guidance, we can anticipate a brighter future for medical device development and the improvement of healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide.

FDA document below!

Qualification of Medical Device Development Tools
Download PDF • 390KB
MDDT Qualification
MDDT Qualification

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