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Import Medical Devices to Brazil

Importing medical devices to Brazil involves following specific procedures and adhering to regulatory requirements set forth by ANVISA. To initiate the process to Import Medical Devices to Brazil, importers must ensure that their company and products are duly registered and comply with ANVISA's regulations. It is crucial to carefully review the ANVISA Import Manual for Medical Devices, as well as any other relevant guidelines and documentation available on the Siscomex Portal. Importers should also consider seeking the assistance of experienced regulatory consultants, such as AF Pharma, who can provide guidance throughout the importation journey, ensuring compliance with ANVISA regulations and facilitating a smooth and efficient import process. By following the prescribed procedures and leveraging expert support, importers can navigate the complexities of importing medical devices to Brazil with confidence and in full compliance with ANVISA's guidelines.

Introduction to Import Medical Devices to Brazil:

The ANVISA Import Manual for Medical Devices serves as a comprehensive guide for importers, providing clear instructions on the rules and procedures for submitting and analyzing import processes. It specifically focuses on medical devices falling under the responsibility of the Post of Consent for Importation of Health Products (PAFPS). While this manual aims to assist importers, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for the guidelines on import process petitioning already published by ANVISA or the Manual available at the Siscomex Portal. Rather, it complements these resources by addressing specific aspects related to the import clearance of medical devices within the context of ANVISA.

ANVISA Importation process key features:
  1. Clear Organization: The manual is structured into topics, enabling easy navigation and quick access to relevant information. Each topic is dedicated to a specific aspect of the import process, including the regularization of companies and products, procedural instructions, and analysis and inspection procedures.

  2. Legislation and Specific Situations: For each topic covered, the manual provides references to the relevant legislation and outlines specific situations that may arise during the importation of medical devices. This ensures importers have a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and are well-equipped to handle various scenarios.

  3. Complementary Resource: The manual is designed to complement existing guidelines and resources, acknowledging the valuable information already provided by ANVISA and the Siscomex Portal. By focusing on the unique considerations related to medical device importation, this manual bridges any gaps and provides additional clarity on specific aspects of the import clearance process.


The ANVISA Import Manual for Medical Devices is a valuable resource for importers seeking guidance on the import processes governed by ANVISA. By organizing information into easily digestible topics, providing references to relevant legislation, and complementing existing guidelines, this manual equips importers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the import clearance of medical devices successfully.

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Import Manual ANVISA
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